Privacy Policy

This privacy notice outlines the policies of Wallington Estates regarding the collection, usage, and protection of personal information. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. **Collection of Information**: Wallington Estates collects basic identification and contact information, market place information, domain and email addresses, website usage information, business and personal information, as well as content provided by users.
  2. **Usage of Information**: The collected information is used for providing requested services, verifying identity, marketing, improving services, sending news and updates, and for business purposes.
  3. **Sharing of Information**: Personally identifiable information is not shared with third parties, except for specific purposes outlined in the notice, or with consent from the user.
  4. **Cookies**: The website uses cookies, and users can refer to the Cookies Policy for more information on their usage.
  5. **Security Measures**: Wallington Estates employs security measures to protect personal information, but users are advised to safeguard their login details and personal information.
  6. **Email Communication**: Email communication is not guaranteed to be secure, and users are advised to verify the authenticity of any requests for sensitive information.
  7. **Opting Out**: Users can opt out of certain services by contacting Wallington Estates .
  8. **Compliance**: The privacy policy aims to comply with relevant laws and regulations.
  9. **Copyright**: All material on the website is subject to copyright, and commercial use requires prior written permission.
  10. **Accuracy of Information**: While efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of information on the website, no guarantees are provided.
  11. **Financial Advice**: The website does not provide financial advice.
  12. **Jurisdiction**: Disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of English courts.
  13. **Contact Information**: Users can contact Wallington Estates for questions or requests regarding their personal information

It’s important for users to review the full privacy notice for a comprehensive understanding of their rights and how their information is handled by Wallington Estates.

This privacy notice of Wallington Estates. In this document, “we” or “us” refers to Wallington Estates. Brookings Estates is a trading name of Wallington Estates LTD, which is registered in England and Wales under company number 13744979. Registered office: 55 Faircross Avenue, Romford, Essex RM5 3TL.

This excerpt emphasizes Wallington Estates’ commitment to protecting user privacy and confidentiality. Key points include:

  1. Assurance of Privacy Protection: The statement assures users that their privacy and confidentiality are a priority for Wallington Estates.
  2. Purpose Limitation: Users are informed that their data will not be used for any unintended purpose or shared with third parties.
  3. Compliance with Law: The privacy policy complies with UK law, specifically mentioning the Data Protection Act 1998, indicating a commitment to legal standards for data protection.
  4. Invitation for Feedback: Users are encouraged to provide feedback if they believe the policy is not meeting their expectations or if there are concerns about compliance.
  5. Recourse for Dissatisfaction: Users who are unhappy with any aspect of the policy are informed that their only recourse is to leave the website immediately.
  6. Limited Disclosure: Personally identifiable information collected on the website is not shared, sold, or disclosed to third parties, except as outlined in the policy.

Overall, this excerpt communicates Wallington Estates’ dedication to safeguarding user data and adherence to legal and ethical standards in handling personal information under the Data Protection Act 1988.

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